• Settlement by Design to Protect Your Future.
  • Settlement by Design to Protect Your Children.
  • Settlement by Design to Protect Your Income.
  • Settlement by Design to Protect Your Retirement.

Location Matters: A conference room is preferable to a courtroom for

protecting what is most important to you.

Choose a conference room over a courtroom to resolve your divorce, family law matter, or business dispute. Most cases filed in the court system, about nine out of ten, settle without a trial, and many, without a clear plan for settlement. Mediation and collaborative law are reasoned approaches designed with settlement in mind. They lead to carefully crafted agreements, in contrast to a last-minute settlement thrown together to avoid a trial.


Experience: Sharon Lee Schwartz has been

practicing law for more than 20 years

Sharon Lee is an attorney, a mediator, a certified divorce financial analyst, and is trained in collaborative law. Our practice ranges from complex cases involving sizeable marital estates to do-it-yourself family law services for clients representing themselves.


Settlement by Design: We work with our

clients to reach an out of court settlement

We work with clients to design an out-of-court settlement through mediation, negotiation, or collaborative law; provide financial analysis within the legal framework; and offer a range of do it yourself family law services, including education, document preparation and skills coaching.


Why stay out of court?

Going to court is financially and emotionally disruptive.  It can add to conflict by creating entrenched positions, damaging relationships further, and imposing ineffective, unresponsive solutions that lead you back to court.


There are better choices if you want

peace instead of pieces.


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