Sharon Lee Schwartz

Attorney and Mediator

(541) 671-2210

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Areas of Practice

  • Mediation and Collaborative Practice for family law, probate, and business disputes

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships

  • Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Probate

  • Family Law including divorce, custody, and step-parent adoptions

  • Do It Yourself - family law forms, trial preparation, legal support, and advice

Mediation and Collaborative Practice. After 25 years focused on advocating for clients in court, Sharon Lee is pleased to offer more options for resolving your legal dispute. Mediation and collaborative law are alternatives to traditional law practice that empower parties to negotiate their own agreement instead of having a judge decide for them. Going to court can be financially and emotionally disruptive, and these are sound options that frequently yield higher quality, more durable outcomes.

Guardianship and Conservatorship. We provide services to protect vulnerable adults who need a guardian or conservator to make  medical,  housing,  financial, or  other  decisions  on    their 

behalf. We also work with relatives and caregivers who need legal authority to protect and make decisions for children in their care.

Estate Planning and Probate. We offer estate planning services with an eye toward quality of life, providing for loved ones, and preventing misunderstandings. Our probate practice focuses on effective and comprehensive representation.

Family Law. Our family law practice, including divorce and custody cases, supports clients in building a positive future for themselves and their children. Our cases range from complex cases involving sizeable marital estates to do it yourself family law services for clients representing themselves.

Do It Yourself. Our self-help representation services include reviewing family law court pleadings; writing letters; negotiation coaching; designing parenting plans (including plans for parents with addiction or criminal issues); trial preparation coaching; and coaching clients who are participating in mediation or arbitration